Illustrated Photo books

One of my favourite things to do is something I like to call create Illustrated Photo books. At the moment I’ve only created two, but they are really fun to make. One was an A-Z Alphabet book of British Quirks and the other one was based around Alice in Wonderland. I think as an illustrator  its nice to be able to flick through a book of my own making. One thing I would love to learn more on is how to create and print different types of books. This is definitely on my to-do list!

A-Z book

A-Z of British Quirks

For my A-Z Alphabet I used an accordion style book,  I liked how it folded out so you could look at the illustrations in different ways. The size of the book meant it took a while to piece together, but once it was fully complete it was worth it. To create this book I used a series of collages and 3D sets. I then edited them on photo-shop to get them to pop. After this, my final step was to piece everything together in InDesign and make sure the type was correct. My vision for the book was to be quintessentially British. I love those little quirks that you might notice and think no one else must do this, but really everyone can relate to it. I’ve grown up in a very working class northern family so I think it also reflects funny things I noticed that my family did e.g the curtain twitching!

Section of the folding

Section of the folding

For the style of the book I wanted it to look really colourful and eye-catching. I tired to do this with making the typography bold and bright, the font I used is called oranienbaum. This is one of my favourite fonts, I feel like it always works with a lot of designs I do. I placed the text in similar places through-out, keeping the type the same.

Alice in Wonderland 


Through the door to Wonderland

My other photo book was the one based on Alice in Wonderland, which has always been one of my favourites. I was inspired by a park in Lancaster (Williamsons Park) which was always a little bit like a Wonderland to me. My aim was to create a book with a  whimsical feel, that would be fitting to the original book by Lewis Carroll. On this one I used mainly 3D sets, which I think gave the whole look a hand-made/vintage feel. This project was my first ever photo book so I learnt quite a few new skills by doing this but also that I’m not very good at stapling!

Sitting in wonderland

Sitting in Wonderland

shrinking down

Shrinking down

I would really love to hear if anyone has made there own photo books! Leave me a comment below.


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