Lets talk about lighting

I’m very happy today because I’ve just assembled some new lighting! (I was quite proud of myself, but the instructions where very easy to follow) The only thing I would say is that the rods to secure the canopy in place where a bit difficult to attach as you needed to bend them quite a lot. The lights I purchased where the PhotoSel Soft box studio lighting from Amazon. I’ve been doing some research into lighting for a few months, as I wanted to get some professional lighting rather than trying to use a mixture of everyday lamps. I’m no longer at University so I can’t use there amazing photography studio, with all the pretty and expensive lights now 😦 The lights I purchased where £85.00 with free delivery in the U.K, I think this kit is a good started kit for a beginner because its overall not too expensive (a good price for someone who has just finished uni.)

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The lights are easy to assemble and I’ve found that there not too large to keep set up, which is good if your working on a project for a few days. The measurements for these ones are 40 x 60 cm. They also come with two pure white daylight bulbs at 85W, which for me will be perfect for creating my illustration sets. For me the two main types of lights I was looking into where: continuous lighting kits with soft boxes and LED photography light panels. With the LED lights they usually have dials where you can control and adjust the lighting where soft boxes have an even light. When I was looking at these options myself I think the LED light panels where just a bit out of my price range but if your looking to invest in some lighting and have a good budget I would look into these. Two LED lights I found where: Emgreat Aputure Led Video Light Panel Studio Lighting Kit this kit was £258 (they look really professional). Another LED light I found was the Manfrotto LED Panel priced at £520 in the product description it details that it provides a beautiful soft light. I think these two lights would be my dream lights to own, who knows maybe in the future! In terms of bulbs the ones included in my kit I bought, where continuos daylight bulbs. These are perfect for photography. They also sell these on Amazon for £12.00 for an 85W bulb.

Let me know what type of lighting you use in your own work.


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