I’m currently free for commissions and collaborations contact me with any questions! jess-holden@hotmail.com

Feel fee to have a gander at my website too! Where you can view all of my work.

Hi thanks for Looking at my blog! Let me introduce myself, my name’s Jessica Holden and I’m an Illustrator from Lancaster. My illustrations make use of collage and photography, which then get turned into 3D sets and edited in Photoshop. This blog is to record my illustrated journey, the latest projects I’m working on and general musings. I hope to share with everyone who reads my posts, the things I’ve learnt so far and what I find works for me.

I’m inspired by fashion,vintage designs and anything with an aged feel. My favourite type of illustration is editorial as I like to summarise the tone of an article within one image or spread. When I’m not working on creating illustrations, I love blogging about the subject I’m currently a contributor for Illustration Friday and Fashion Philosophy where I can share my interests with a wider community of like-minded people.

Web appearances
Creative Review
Creative Boom
Creative Safari
Design Taxi
Fashion Philosophy

Work Experience
Menu board Design at Belted Burgers Carlisle
Blogger for Illustration Friday and Fashion Philosophy

Competition Entries
House of Illustration/folio society – Ghost story covers
OOH Deer! – Pillow fight
Tiger Print- Make your mark
Illustration Friday- Weekly competitions



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