January Design Books

This month two design books I treated myself too are ones which I have been lusting after for quite a while! They are Graphic Design Rules 365 Essential Design Dos & Don’ts and Papercut Owen Gildersleeve. As someone who is obsessed with all things paper craft this book has been in my Amazon wish list for quite a while and I’m now really happy to have a copy. The Graphic Design Rules is a book which I  borrowed from the library whilst at University and found it to be really interesting and witty, so that made me want to have it in my collection of design books.

books2I liked the fact it didn’t take itself too seriously but also gave valuable advice. I’ve found myself flicking through it every time I design something now, just to double check if I might have forgotten or missed things. Having the book split up into the different sections is also handy as it makes for easy reference if your stuck on a particular problem or are unsure about how to do a certain thing. (For me the type and typography section has been very useful, especially the rule Thou shall not exceed a character count of 80 per line in a measure! For when my brain refuses to remember). Just incase your thinking of purchasing  the book yourself and want more information on what it includes the different sections are: Type and Typography, layout and Design, Colour, Imagery and Graphics, Production and Print and The Practice of Design. (so basically everything thing you would want information on when designing).


Chrissie Macdonald

Paper cut is such a beautiful book. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the cover just draws you in (its so fun!) Each paper crafter which is featured has an in-dept interview about their design process and influences, so you get a much deeper understanding of what drives them to create in the way they do. I always find it interesting to see how designers and illustrators started their careers and what made them take a certain path. I think this makes you look at their designs in a different way and have a greater appreciation. There is a great selection of paper craft illustrators from around the globe, so its exciting to read about how paper craft fits in with the illustration “scene” in different places and how their craft is fits in.