Just keep Going

For my Blog post today I thought I would Write about one of my older pieces of work. I like to call this one The Green Collage (inventive I know). This was for a project whilst I was at University to create an illustration in response to the colour green, so the brief was very open. The first thing this conjured up in my mind was the Wizard of Oz and the Emerald city and I had this idea of making my own Emerald city out of objects, little gem stones and jewellery but this wasn’t translating well when I started to build my set design. Unfortunately, that happens sometimes when you have an idea in your head and then it doesn’t translate well on paper (or camera in my case). This shows that carrying on with a project that isn’t going right can be beneficial in the end. So If your working on a project that isn’t going your way don’t give up easily!


Instead, I decided to go with the idea of a Green garden, filled with whimsical objects. I quite like the idea that its creating a setting in the mind of the viewer and they can create their own little story from looking at it. I think I like this illustration as the composition is different from how I normally work. I like how I divided the piece into blocks and added the leaf elements at the edges. I would definitely like to explore working in this way again.

I think its always important to play around a bit when your creating a project and see where it can take you, rather than sticking to a decided outcome (unless thats required) . So sometimes a project that your not keen on can turn into a project you end up liking!

Have you had a project like this that you initially didn’t like? Let me know how you reached your final design in the comments below 🙂